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DOJ Certified PREA Auditor

Certified Rape Crisis Counselor

Certified Community Crisis Responder

Mediator - Victim Offender - Crimes of Violence

Certified Trainer - Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse

 Consultant Office for Victims of Crime U.S. DOJ


Corporate Trauma Response


Public and Private agencies whether they be school systems including high shool and colleges, religious organization or non-profit and for-profit prorams often find themselves in crisis based on the actions of thier current or former employees or as a result of an onrganizational failure to respond.  In these situations those in the private/corporate sector often need assitance in determining  the most appropriate response.  Mary Achilles, founder and CEO of Achilles Consulting Services has extensive experience in working with corporate leadership in assessing the situation, determining those traumatized and putting into place an action plan that includes trauma intervention for staff and consumers, and communication plans including educaitonal materials for all levels of response. 

Mary Achilles has a extensive experience workng with leadership within the Catholic Church in respoinding to issues of clergy sexual abuse.  Assessing situations in crisis involving mutitude legal interventions from both the criminal and civil justice systems.  Ms. Achilles extensive background in community crisis responce and individual crisis and trauma response provides an unique perspective on how an organziaotn can intervene and assist thier employees and thier consumers to provide information. education and response that is appropriate to those experiecing the trauma. 


Ms. Achilles lead an effort within the Pennsylvania State Board of Probation and Parole in the development of a critical incident response team and associated training. 



Mary Achilles