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Child Abuse Reporting


Reporting Suspected Child Abuse

We can provide training on the mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse for public and private agencies at reasonable costs.   The training offered by Achilles Consulting Services currently is a curriculum that has been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare to adhere to the latest legislative standards.

Our training, originally developed by the Network of Victim Assistance in Bucks County Pennsylvania through a grant from Vision of Hope – a program of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, is the only researched based program in Pennsylvania.   Mary Achilles is a certified trainer and can provide this training to your organization.

The training comes in two forms – a three hour and one hour training.  Achilles Consulting Services will work with you to discuss your organizational needs to determine the length of training etc.  We can also work with you to review and evaluate your organizational policies and procedures for the reporting of suspected child abuse.

The Need for Training

There has been much focused public attention these days on the issue of the mandated reporting of suspected child abuse.  While the legislature and the Child Welfare experts debate the changes in the law that need to occur to further fine tone the Pennsylvania Child Protective Services law agencies both public and private should take advantage of the heightened awareness and provide their staff on the mandatory reporting of child abuse.

This is the single most important issue that seems to take a back seat to legal review and evaluation of organizational child protection policies. This however is the issue that can sky rocket an agency to scandal and or regret when child sexual abuse is uncovered in another way and staff indicates that they saw signs.  

This training is not only necessary for private organizations to ensure that those who are mandated reporters on their staff are equipped with the appropriate knowledge of how to report suspected child abuse it will inform and education members of the community with the indicators of child abuse and how to appropriately respond. 

Pennsylvania law identifies who is a mandated reporter, who within our educational system must be trained and the content of that training.  However, on all of the others who are mandated reporters not in the educational system there is no requirement to be trained. 

 While the legislature will unlikely require training for everyone because they cannot afford to fund that training it is important for private organizations that operate initiatives for children to train their folks.  Employee accountability can only be expected when the organization provides a clear direction of what to look for and how to report.   This will increase the agency’s ability to protect children and decrease their liability when situations do occur.

The Expertise

Achilles Consulting Services while engaged by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia led an initiative to train and retrain upwards to 30,000 staff of volunteers in a six month period.  This initiative, the need of which was identified by Achilles Consulting Services in the immediate aftermath of the 2011 Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Investigative Grand Jury Report as the most immediate need, provide Achilles Consulting Services with an opportunity to understand the ways in which various people in different roles need to hear this information to effectively retain it.  Mary Achilles has been certified by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, the owners of the curriculum to present this training.  

Mary Achilles developed an on- line mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse curriculum for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  This one hour training is designed as a foundational training for all Archdiocesan Staff and volunteers.  The curriculum is written within a faith perspective and provides an understanding of the indicators of child abuse, the identification of mandated reporters and thier responsibilities under Pennsylvania Child Protective Servcies Act and the Archdiocesan Policy on mandated reporting of suspected child abuse.


Child Abuse Reporting