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DOJ Certified PREA Auditor

Certified Rape Crisis Counselor

Certified Community Crisis Responder

Mediator - Victim Offender - Crimes of Violence

Certified Trainer - Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse

 Consultant Office for Victims of Crime U.S. DOJ


PREA Certified Auditor

Mary Achilles was certified by the United States Department of Justice as a Prison Rape Elimination Act Auditor (PREA Auditor) in early 2014.   This certification is for prisons, jails and community correction centers.  The depth of background in sexual violence response and preventioin along with her experience in Probation, Parole and Corrections offers clients a unique opportunity to be reviewed and guided in this new process.  

PREA Audits allow for corrective action prior to the completion of the audit.  This step allows organizations to make the necessary changes to come into compliance with these new standards.  PREA standards are designed to provide a an enviorment safe from sexual violence and responsive to it when it occurs.  Ms. Achilles has significant experience in working with large organizations and in raising thier level of awareness of victimization and including effective reponses to it. 

Many organizations are finding the idea of a PREA audit overwhelming.  But for most organizations that have been working toward implementation the audit is the final step in ensuring that you are on track and that your organization has something more to offer.

The cost of PREA audits is dependent upon the size of the facility and the travel involved.   For additional information on the availibility for an audit at your facility contact Achilles Consulting services via this web site.