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DOJ Certified PREA Auditor

Certified Rape Crisis Counselor

Certified Community Crisis Responder

Mediator - Victim Offender - Crimes of Violence

Certified Trainer - Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse

 Consultant Office for Victims of Crime U.S. DOJ


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Mary Achilles & Howard Zehr 


We are working toward appropriate victim involvement in restorative justice programs when..


1… victims and their advocates are represented on governing bodies and initial planning committees.


2…efforts to involve victims grows out of a desire to assist them, not offenders.


3…victim’s safety is a fundamental element of program design.


4…victims clearly understand their roles in the program including potential benefits and risks to themselves and offenders.


5…confidentiality is provided within clear guidelines.


6…victims have as much information as possible about their case, the offense and the offender.


7…victims can identify and articulate their needs and are given choices.


8…victims opportunity for involvement are maximized.


9…program design provides referrals for additional support and assistance.


10…services are available to victims even when their offender(s) have not been arrested or are willing or unable to participate